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Plugins that modify users configuration like GameMenu, Autoconnect, binding the keys to connect to the server or advertising, Uitracker and other are FORBIDDEN !!! Read the rules, any server that does not follow the rules will be banned and deleted from list without refund.!!!

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WARNING daily boost IS NOT GUARATEED 12 hours. The server remains in the list 12 hours if in the following 12 hours no other server were boosted.

We don't accept XREDIRECT, remove it otherwise you server will be banned
If you have questions or problems don't hesitate to contact us, use "Contact us" section to contact us
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  • File motd.txt of Counter-Strike server located in cstrike directory must be empty or deteled.Because many players who use non-steam client get errors when entering the server.
  • We suggest to reduce the amount of resources that can be downloaded from the server as much, because for this reason many players give cancel  and do not wait to downloadresources , and if you have resources , check to be on the download url set and check how long the download lasts,use a version of Counter-Strike 1.6 installed without new resources already downloaded.
  • Check the server to be non -steam , because most players are non -steam boost and can not get on a steam-only server .We suggest using pingfaker plugin to hide ping that many players will stay much longer in the game. At the same time you need to enter these cvars in amxx.cfg cvar or server.cfg :    - - Pingfake_enable 1    
    - Pingfake_ping 18      
    - Pingfake_flux 13
  •  If you use high ping kicker , we suggest you to put those lag to kick over 300 , not below.- In dproto.cfg (can be found either directly or in server cstrike folder ) cvar to modify these cvar :      - Replace FakePlayers_AntiReconnect 1 set it to 0      
  •  FakePlayers_BanTime instead of a 120 set it to -1
  •  Do not use these plugins on the server :      - Loadingmenu.amxx , gamemenu.amxx or any other plugin that modifies the player's menu, because the menu does not change too many people , it completely removes    
  •  Plugins chat show each player connects or disconnects ( crowded server and causes bugs )- Keep the number of messages in the chat and the HUD to a minimum.
  •  In maps folder , delete files . Res corresponding HART ( de_dust2 , de_inferno , de_nuke etc . ) because contain resources doesen’t exist wich start to  download them. Caution ! Just classic maps, do not delete files . Res zombie maps , gungame and other mods .
  •  Watch the maps made of 32 slots ( eg de_train32 , de_kabul32 , de_tuscan32 etc . ) That there are many versions on the internet and it often happens that a player who attempts to connect to the server, often differ from the maps that you have on the server, automatically can not enter .
  •  If the players doesen’t connect on the server after you have boosted , add the following cvar in server.cfg  :      
    - Max_queries_sec_global 0      
    - Max_queries_sec 0    
    - Sv_enableoldqueries 1      
    - Mp_autokick 0
  •  Counter-Strike 1.6 game was destroyed after updates have appeared in recent years by too many bugs, so we suggest you keep it as simple as possible without unnecessary plugins and resources on it.

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