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Plugins that modify users configuration like GameMenu, Autoconnect, binding the keys to connect to the server or advertising, Uitracker and other are FORBIDDEN !!! Read the rules, any server that does not follow the rules will be banned and deleted from list without refund.!!!

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WARNING daily boost IS NOT GUARATEED 12 hours. The server remains in the list 12 hours if in the following 12 hours no other server were boosted.

We don't accept XREDIRECT, remove it otherwise you server will be banned
If you have questions or problems don't hesitate to contact us, use "Contact us" section to contact us
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Gold-Boost.net is trying to offer you the best services from Romania and even from Europe Boost (cs) counter strike server is a service for counter strike 1.6 gaming server which helps your server to get more popular.
We are here to offer you the best counter stike boosting services.
At this moment the gold-boost team is working hard to increase the amount of players during the night.

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